Requirements: Enterprise plan

To set up your Trados Management System (formerly RWS Language Cloud) connector, you need to create a CaptionHub application in language cloud and collect your client id, client secret, account id, language cloud account id. We recommend copying these into a document, then pasting them in to CaptionHub.


To do this:

  1. Log into your Trados Management System account as an Administrator.
  1. Click the dropdown menu of your account settings in the top right and choose “Integrations”
  1. Click the “Applications” tab
  1. Click the “New Application” button
  1. Enter “CaptionHub” as the name of the application
  1. Choose the service user you want the integration to act as, but leave the other fields blank
  1. Click the “API Access” tab
  1. Copy the Client ID into a document
  1. Click the eye icon to view the Client Secret and copy the value into a document
  1. Click the “WebHooks” tab
  1. Under Default Webhook URL, enter:
  1. Close the windows by clicking on the top right X of the Trados Enterprise window (not browser)
  1. Click the dropdown of your account settings in the top right and select “Manage Account”
  1. Copy the Account ID and Trados Account ID into your document

In CaptionHub

  1. Open a new browser window for CaptionHub
  1. Navigate to the Connectors page, available from the top-right drop-down menu
  1. Click on “TMS connectors” at the right panel
  1. Click “Connect” for Trados
  1. Paste the details you collected above into the fields, and click “Save”
  1. At the “Folder” drop down list, select your applicable Trados Customers location for CaptionHub projects
  1. Click on the "Save" button again
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