Improve caption quality

Improve caption quality for your live stream

There are a number of things you can do to improve live caption quality.

Increase the HLS segment size in Brightcove

Increasing the segment size of your HLS stream will allow CaptionHub to improve the caption quality. The recommended segment size is 10 seconds (minimum 6 seconds).

  1. In Brightcove, go to Ingest Profiles and choose the profile that you use for your live streams.
  1. If you use a default Brightcove profile (like “Premium Live HD 1080p - Tier 2”), click to duplicate the profile
  1. For each rendition, update the segment_seconds value to 10:
    1. Notion image
  1. Save the profile
  1. Next time you create a live stream, select the new profile

Use custom dictionaries

Custom dictionaries bias the speech recognition towards certain words. In a live context, it is highly recommended that you configure a custom dictionary with speaker names, product names and other specific words that speech recognition might not pick up automatically.

Use termbases

Termbases are similar to custom dictionaries, but influence how words are translated. Use this to specify specific translations, or to avoid translating brand and product names.

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