Export timed text

Timed text refers to a text based file containing, at a minimum, the timings and content of a set of subtitles. Timed text comes in many different flavours, depending on how you intend to use your subtitles.


You have several options to export timed text from CaptionHub:


1. Download from the Caption Editor

Click on the cog dropdown in the Project pane. The "Download subtitles" option will take you to the Export tab.


2. Download from the Export tab

Select the language version you'd like to download, click on the 'Download Subtitles' button, and choose the format you'd like to download. If you'd like to download multiple versions, you have the ability to bulk select. When you download more than one version, CaptionHub will automatically create a folder inside a zipfile for you.


If a caption set still has errors, CaptionHub will include "UNFIT_FOR_EXPORT" in the file name.


If a caption set is valid, but unapproved, CaptionHub will include "UNAPPROVED" in the file name.

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