Defaults for captions

Captions and subtitles often have pre-defined specifications, especially for broadcast use. This can include how long a subtitle lasts on screen for, or how many characters it has. In CaptionHub, we refer to this specification as Limits. CaptionHub helps you create technically accurate captions by continually checking that your captions obey these limits.


These limits include:

  • Minimum duration
  • Maximum duration
  • Maximum character count
  • Maximum line count
  • Minimum frame gap between captions
  • Reading speed (either CPS or WPM)
  • Whether to require completed metadata

If your captions fail to meet any of these criteria, then your team won't be able to approve them.


You're also able to specify whether to enforce curly quotes, for stylistic purposes. If you'd prefer not to enforce curly quotes, then leave this button unticked.


You're able to specify default limits in Team Settings. This means that every new set of captions you create will default to these limits. You're able to override these limits from the Edit limits option in the drop-down menu on the Edit page.

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