Requirements: Professional or Enterprise plan

In Vimeo:

  1. Ensure your account membership is at least Vimeo Standard. Although we do not currently restrict access if you are on lower tiers, you will receive very limited functionality.

In CaptionHub:

  1. Go to the Dashboard ⇒ New Project From ⇒ Vimeo. If this option is not available, request for your team to have this feature enabled.
  1. You will be prompted to (optionally) sign into Vimeo, and then to give CaptionHub permission to access your video data. Please ensure to sign in as the Vimeo Account Owner to ensure the connector has access to the content within the Vimeo account.
  1. You can now select and import videos into CaptionHub as normal
  1. Captions can be published back to Vimeo as normal in CaptionHub. Please note - Vimeo’s language mapping can be delicate. We have attempted to map Vimeo’s languages to our own, but it’s possible this is not 100% correct. Any issues in languages when Publishing can be corrected on CaptionHub’s side if necessary.
Please note that the connector must authenticate with the Vimeo account owner’s credentials in order for the connector to access all videos within the Vimeo account. If any other Vimeo account is used when configuring the CaptionHub connector, no video content will be shown. This is intended behaviour from Vimeo, due to authentication requirements.
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