Requirements: any plan

To enable the YouTube connector, navigate to the Connectors page, available from the drop-down menu at the top-right of your screen. Then, simply enable the check box.


Once the integration is enabled

  1. From ‘New Project from’ on your Dashboard in CaptionHub, select YouTube
  1. You’ll be asked to give CaptionHub permission to access your YouTube account; you’ll need to do this in order for the integration to function correctly
  1. All your YouTube media will be displayed; choose a video file in order to import it into CaptionHub
  1. Once it’s in CaptionHub, you’ll be able to caption and subtitle your video normally
  1. Once you’ve captioned and subtitled your video, navigate to the Publish tab in order to send the finalised timed text back to YouTube
The YouTube connector is different compared to our other connectors, in that YouTube do not allow us to import your original media. This means that we can’t offer transcription or rendering, and we’re unable to offer a frame accurate preview. If you’d like to transcribe or render, then we’d recommend that you import from YouTube as described above, and then use a “Replace project video” command to manually upload the original video to CaptionHub. That’ll ensure you have full functionality inside of CaptionHub, and the links to your YouTube video will be maintained.
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