Configure the CaptionHub Live plugin for the Brightcove player

Player support

We support Brightcove player versions 6 and 7. At the time of writing, the plugin has been tested with player versions 6.67.5 and 7.11.2.

Adding the plugin

Follow these steps to add CaptionHub Live to a Brightcove player:

  1. Open Brightcove, and navigate to the Players section
  1. Click on the Add player button at the top right, and choose a name for your player — something like “Brightcove (CaptionHub Live)” might suit. You can also duplicate an existing player.
  1. In the list of players, click on the player you’ve just created
  1. Click on Plugins, and click on the Add a Plugin button
  1. From the dropdown, choose Custom Plugin
  1. In the Plugin name field, paste in CaptionHubLive
  1. In the JavaScript URL field, paste in
  1. Click Save, and then click the Publish & Embed button at the top right
  1. Your player should look similar to the screenshot below
    1. Notion image
  1. To verify that you’ve configured your player correctly, go to the Player status page in CaptionHub.
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