Creating users

Note: If your team uses Single-Sign On (SSO), you won’t be able to add new users via CaptionHub. New users will be provisioned when they first use SSO if they have been granted access to CaptionHub with your Identity Provider (e.g. AzureAD, Okta, etc). Please speak to your company administrator if you need clarification.

From the dropdown menu in the navigation bar, choose Users. You now have two ways of adding users to the CaptionHub platform:

  1. Adding single users
  1. Adding users in bulk (not available for all plans)

1. Adding single users


Click Invite New User.


You'll be able to choose an email address to invite to CaptionHub. If you're a Superuser, you'll be able to specify if the user is a producer or not.


You'll be able to add the user to any team you have Superuser privileges for. Users must belong to a team.


You'll be able to set initial language proficiencies for a user. (You can alter these at any time).


When you click 'Create User', that user will receive an email inviting them to set a password and join CaptionHub.


2. Adding users in bulk

  1. Click on More actions, and then Export users
  1. This will download a CSV file containing your current users
  1. Edit the CSV appropriately, and re-save as a CSV
  1. Click on More actions, and then Import users
  1. Select the CSV file you’ve just created, and click the Upload users button


  • CaptionHub will only add new or modify users this way, it won’t delete existing users
  • You can, however, make users active or inactive, using the CSV upload
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