Edit Project Info

The "Edit project info" option is available from the drop down menu on the project page. Here, you can edit the project name, as well as set many of the options that were available to you in the Advanced options, when you created the project.


Project name: Type here to change the project's name. (Can be translated using Project metadata.)


Description: Type here to enter a description of your video. (Can be translated using Project metadata.)


Timecode SMPTE start: Here, you're able to specify a timecode offset for your media.


Frame rate: CaptionHub usually does an excellent job of detecting a video's frame rate. If you need to override that frame rate for any reason, then you're able to do so here. CaptionHub does not normally detect 29.97 non-drop frame, for instance.


Due date: You have the option to specify a project due date, or deadline. You can filter by Due date in the Project list view.


Notes: Here, you can add project specific notes, which are available to anyone who has access to the project. URLs are formatted as hyperlinks, so you can link to resources very easily – a brief for the linguists, for instance.


Lock timeline for linguists: In some scenarios, you may not want your linguists to have the ability to adjust timings. Enabling this checkbox means that they're unable to do this.

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