Organising projects: tags and tagging

Organising a large number of videos can be a daunting task, and something that hierarchical folder structures can struggle with. We've chosen to solve this problem using tags. Using tags can help you organise your videos by:

  • Department
  • Audience
  • Video type
  • Speaker
  • Launch / release
  • Client

And, of course, multiple combinations of the above. With the correct use of tags, you can perform extremely granular searches on your video content.

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Adding tags

The simplest and fastest way to tag your videos is on project upload. Simply start typing to create a tag. If an existing tag matches what you're typing, it'll automatically be suggested as an option.

Alternatively, you can add tags via the Project page.


Filtering by tags

On the Projects page, you're able to filter your videos, according to how they're tagged.

Note: tagging is only available for certain plans.

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