Exporting with validation warnings / errors

Warnings can be ignored: captions with QC warnings can be downloaded or published – the warnings act to notify you where your own limits have been exceeded

Ignoring limits can of course have downstream consequences that your initial limits were established in order to prevent; ranging from having too many lines, to too many captions per line and so on – in some cases, such as long lines on portrait mobile devices, the player might attempt to split lines to fit them on screen – we suggest testing these scenarios in a test environment if you’re concerned

How captions are handled are dependent largely on the video player, and in some instances the browser and device (for example, when playing out on Brightcove, Safari uses native captions on the device and the device settings take precedence over .vtt styles determined by Brightcove).

CaptionHub does not currently publish notes on individual players: please refer to your player caption support documentation for support and limitations for captions and caption styling.

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