Pivot languages

Requirements: Enterprise subscription


Pivot languages in CaptionHub are a powerful tool if the person doing the translation doesn’t speak the original language of the video. For instance, if the original video is in Portuguese, and being translated into Turkish, say, then it might be that some of your linguists or reviewers don’t have the necessary language skills to be able to translate directly. In cases like these, a pivot language can act as a translation bridge. In the example above, let’s say that Portuguese / English translators are readily available, as are Turkish / English translators. The first pass of translation would be done into English, and the English captions used as the pivot for the translation into Turkish.

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Using Pivot Languages in CaptionHub

When enabled, pivot languages will be available as a drop-down menu, just above the translation pane. Simply select the language you’d like to appear as the source. Any unapproved languages will be labelled as such – obviously, you should be wary of using something as a source that may be subject to change. To revert to original captions as the source, simply click on the β€˜X’ icon in the drop-down.

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