Creating burnt-in subtitles

Requirements: Enterprise subscription, Basic subtitle rendering bolt-on
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CaptionHub offers the ability to burn in your subtitles into your video; that is to say that the subtitles are indelibly rendered into the the video stream. Burnt-in subtitles can also be referred to as open captions, or hardcoded captions.


Burnt-in subtitles are very useful for video players that don't support the display of timed text, or where you don't want your audience to be able to turn subtitles on or off. The disadvantages are that you need to create a separate video for each language version you create, and they're not useful for SEO purposes: search engines can't read the subtitles at all.


To create burnt-in subtitles, navigate to the Export tab, and select your video. Then click on the Render button. If you have the formatting option enabled, then you'll be able to choose some basic styling options for your captions.


Click to initiate the rendering process. Once it's finished, you'll be able to download the finished media file from CaptionHub.


CaptionHub creates the highest quality burnt-in subtitles it can. We store the original media that you upload to the system, and we create subtitles to match this media file as best we can: we'll try to return a file with the same encoding and the same bitrate.



  • CaptionHub only retains original media for 90 days, by default. If you want to render your video after 90 days, then you'll need to use the Replace project video command.
  • Rendered projects are not currently supported via the API.
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