Custom fonts for burnt-in subtitles

Requirements: Professional or Enterprise subscription

We offer our customers the ability to use their own fonts for creating burnt-in subtitles. This involves our development team uploading your font onto our servers, and making it available solely to your team. Some answers to frequently asked questions are below:


How much does it cost?

There's a one-off charge of Β£551 for this, and that cost covers uploading up to five fonts at a time.


What formats do you support?

We accept OTF or TTF font types.


What about licensing?

By supplying a font to us, for your team's use, you warrant that your font license allows you to do this.


How long does it take?

We'll need to create a dev ticket to do this, and then deploy the font(s) to our servers, check it's all working, and then let you know. You should allow five working days for this process, but let us know if you have specific requirements.


How do I order this?

Please talk to your account manager, or raise a ticket with Support.


Do you support all languages for custom fonts?

No, not yet. Currently, we only have the ability to set a custom font for Roman alphabets. Non-Roman alphabets will still fall back to CaptionHub's house fonts.

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