Managing viewing / editing permissions for linguists

One of CaptionHub's main strengths is its ability to manage the creation and approval workflow for subtitle translation. Key to this is the way linguists are assigned to projects.


Unless you’re using our Self Serve workflows, by default a CaptionHub user with a 'Linguist' profile can see nothing. They can log in to CaptionHub but, unless they have been given viewing or editing permissions, they won't have any further access. For any given language, we can give an unlimited number of users viewing permissions. But only one person at a time can be given editing permissions*.


Here's how to manage the linguist assignment process:

  1. First, create your linguists.
  1. Next, navigate to the Translate tab for a project.
  1. If you haven't already created your translations, do so now by clicking on the Add button.
  1. In the Current linguist column, there's a red 'Not assigned' link next to the language name. Click on it.
  1. Click on 'Viewing permissions'
  1. This will pop up a window which allows you to give and remove viewing permissions from your the linguists in your Team. At this point, linguists will be able to see your videos, but not edit anything.
  1. Now that you've given viewing permissions to your linguists, you can assign edit permissions. Close the View permissions window, and click on the 'Not assigned' link again.
  1. You'll now be able to choose which linguist to give edit permissions to. Please note that selecting a name here will send that linguist an email, notifying them that they've been given a set of subtitles to edit.

To manage permissions in bulk, choose the Manage linguists option from the drop down menu.


* If you wish to have multiple users working on the same set of subtitles, then you may wish to use the Segment tool to divide a video into multiple segments, each one of which can be assigned in the same way as an ordinary video.

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