Multiple teams

Requirements: Enterprise subscription, Multiple Teams bolt-on

Our Multiple Teams bolt-on allows our customers to have multiple 'child' teams, under the umbrella of a 'parent'. This allows for the following kinds of workflow flexibility:

  1. Distinct functional units in your organisation – for example, you may wish to give your marketing team different levels of access to your internal communications team
  1. Parcelling out work to separate vendors – your organisation may have multiple LSPs; it might be inappropriate for those vendors to be able to have access to another team's users or projects

As a superuser in multiple teams, you're able to used the Move command, to move projects between the teams you're a member of.


To switch between teams you're a member of, you can use the Team Switcher. Simply navigate to the drop-down menu at the top right, select "Switch team", and choose the team you'd like to switch into.

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