Requirements: Enterprise subscription

CaptionHub’s Automation feature is an immensely powerful and flexible part of CaptionHub.

On one hand, you can use it to automate and scale the largest and most complex subtitling workflows, through ingest, transcription, translation and delivery. At the other end of the scale, you can use it to automate tasks inside of a single project – like setting up different limits for different languages, or automatically initiating transcription in your preferred language.

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Example use case 1: automating transcription

Customer A’s videos always have their original language as US English, they always want to use transcription, and they have a consistent vocabulary. Customer A can set up an automation template which ensures that transcriptions in US English are automatically generated after the video has uploaded, and that the correct Custom Dictionary is automatically applied to it.

Example use case 2: automating translation via a video platform

Customer B’s has a massive back catalogue of videos on their Brightcove video platform. They have original captions already, but want to turn these into high-quality machine translated subtitles. Customer B can set up an automation template which ensures that video sourced from Brightcove will automatically ingest original captions, and then immediately translate those captions into subtitles. On a per-language basis, Customer B can specify the machine translation engine, the caption specifications, and any termbases required. Once machine translation is complete, Customer B can specify that the subtitles are automatically returned back to Brightcove. When paired with Dynamic Ingest, the net result is that Customer B adds tags to their Brightcove videos, waits for a short period, and watches as high-quality machine translations are returned to Brightcove.

Example use case 3: automating project set up

Customer C is an LSP, whose customers have different language specifications (e.g. number of characters per line), and on a per-language basis. Using an automation template, Customer C is able to automate the setup of projects in a single click, rather than laboriously overriding the settings for specific language pairs one-by-one.

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