Segmentation and simultaneous translation

Requirements: Professional or Enterprise plan

You can use the Segment functionality to have multiple people working on the same set of captions at the same time.


On the Project page, select the language version you'd like to work on, and then click on the Segment button. This will open up a dialogue box asking you how many segments you'd like to divide your captions into. Once you've entered your choice, CaptionHub will intelligently divide the captions into the appropriate number of segments, making sure that any segment breaks don't fall in the middle of a sentence.


You can also manually segment in the editor. To do this, right click on your timeline and click “insert segmentation marker” to add markers where you would like your captions divided. Then, go back to the Project page and click on the Segment button. If you’ve set any segmentation markers, they’ll be taken into account.

Notion image

You can now assign linguists and validators to each segment in exactly the same way that you'd do for a full set of captions.


Once you're finished, select the language version and click on the Merge button. This will merge all the segments back together, and clear any approvals you may have. If you like, you can now assign the entire set of captions to a linguist for a final QC check.

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