Adjusting captions in the spreadsheet

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When editing captions in the spreadsheet view, there are several tools available to you, on a line by line basis.


From the left, we can see:

  1. Character count
  1. Duration indicator
  1. Merge caption
  1. Split caption
  1. Position caption
  1. Delete caption

Character count

CaptionHub tells you how many characters exist in each line. If the character count breaches the Limits, then the box will turn red to warn you.


Duration indicator

Similarly, CaptionHub tells you how long each caption is. If you click on the duration indicator, CaptionHub will show you the calculated WPM and CPS counts (Words Per Minute, and Characters Per Second). These metrics help you assess reading speed. If limits have been set for reading speed, and the caption breaches the set limits, then the box will turn red to warn you.


Merge captions

To merge a caption with the caption after it, click the 'merge' button.


Split caption

Sometimes, a translated caption will contain more characters than the original language text, and go over the limit for a single caption. You can split the caption into two new caption. Place the cursor at the desired split point within the text, and click the 'split' button to the right. The caption will be split in two. It's likely you'll need to adjust the timings of the two new captions.


Position caption

To position a caption on screen, click on the Position button. This will show a pop-up with nine caption locations. By default, captions appear at the bottom centre.


Deleting captions

To delete a caption, click the 'delete' button at the far right.


Creating new captions

To create an entirely new caption, place the cursor at the end of the previous caption’s copy, and use the Command/Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut. A new, empty caption will appear below.

Alternatively, place the cursor at the end of the outgoing caption, and click the Split button.

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