Caption track 2

Requirements: Enterprise subscription

CaptionHub allows for two simultaneous tracks of captions. This can be useful in several different scenarios, including:

  1. Localising on-screen text
  1. Audio description
  1. Partial captions / multi-lingual subtitles
  1. Simultaneous captions on-screen

Using caption track 2 in the editor

Notion image
  • To move captions between tracks, simply click on the T1 / T2 icons to move captions between tracks.
  • To switch between displaying only captions in T1 or T2, click on the T1 / T2 icons above the spreadsheet editor to toggle that track’s visibility.
  • When you’re filtering by T2, then any newly created captions will go into track 2.

Importing captions into a different caption track

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To import a timed text file into a different caption track, choose the Import timed text option from the drop-down menu on the Caption Editor, and choose the destination track for the file you’re importing


Exporting different caption tracks

  • If your timed text format supports it, then you’ll be able to select whether to export T1 or T2 (or both) in the formatter dialogue box


  • Captions in the same track cannot overlap with each other
  • T1 and T2 captions can overlap with each other
  • Linguists and reviewers can change caption tracks for original captions, but not for translations
  • T2 captions are always half-height in the timeline; T1 captions are full height, unless they overlap with T2 captions

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