Caption limits

Captions often have a technical specification, which are especially stringent in the broadcast and film industries. CaptionHub has a realtime QC feature: it's continually checking that your captions meet the specification that you define.


CaptionHub has the ability to store a default set of specifications for your Team, so you can set it once and then forget about it. The default limits are fine for most web applications.


By using limits, and as part of CaptionHub's realtime QC, we can identify whether each caption:

  • Exceeds the number of permitted lines
  • Lasts for long enough on screen
  • Lasts for too long on screen
  • Exceeds the number of permitted characters
  • Maintains a specified distance (in frames) from its neighbours
  • Exceeds the reading speed (measured as either Characters Per Second, or Words Per Minute)

To adjust the default settings, please click on Team in the navigation bar, and choose the Settings tab. The default limits can be adjusted in the "Defaults for captions" section.


Click on the caption limit exceptions filter so view all captions with issues:

Notion image
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