Re-align captions

Requirements: Pro Pack, Enterprise

In a perfect world, your videos wouldn't change after you'd captioned them. Quite often, you'll need to start again from scratch.


CaptionHub has many powerful features to re-align your captions with your video, includingΒ Ripple edit. Our Re-align captions functionality helps to automate this process further.


Here's how to use it:

  1. Replace the project video (choose "Replace project video" from the drop-down menu on the Project page
  1. Navigate to the Edit page
  1. If the script has changed, re-edit your captions. You need to have a verbatim transcript, with captions in the correct order. You don't need to do any timings edits.
  1. Choose "Re-align captions" from the drop-down menu on the Edit page

This will initiate an automatic re-alignment process. It will preserve the contents and duration of all of your captions, but it'll adjust the In points to match the new audio – thus bringing everything back into sync.

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