Source propagation

In many instances, the source text might change after translations have been made.

CaptionHub tries to maintain an active relationship between source text and its translations. If changes are made to the source text, then CaptionHub attempts to update the source text in the translations, whilst maintaining the 1:1 relationship. This process is called source propagation.


Only a limited number of operations are possible: if a user wishes to re-transcribe, for instance, then the connection will be broken – and CaptionHub won't let you do that, if translations exist. However, minor operations are possible. These include:

  1. Text editing
  1. Timings changes
  1. Caption insertion
  1. Caption deletion

Notes and limitations

  • Caption deletion in the source will result in caption deletion across all target languages. CaptionHub does warn you, and will take a snapshot of the target translations, but it should be used very sparingly.
  • If translated captions have been changed via splitting or merging, source propagation may not work perfectly.
  • Making timings changes in the source after translations have been made can lead to overlaps, if timings changes have been made in the translations.
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