Spellcheck in CaptionHub

Integrated spellcheck

CaptionHub has an built-in multi-lingual spellcheck engine. To use it, navigate to the drop-down cog menu on the Edit page, and select Spellcheck. This will highlight any misspelled words, and you can easily enter replacement text and hit “Replace”.


N.B. CaptionHub supports multi-lingual spellcheck for around fifty languages. If you don’t see the Spellcheck option in the menu, then you may be translating in a language we don’t have a spellcheck dictionary for. In these cases, we’d recommend using External spellcheck (see below).


External spellcheck

Some of our customers prefer to do an external spellcheck, using third party tools, e.g a word processor. If you'd like to run a final spellcheck after you've finished translating, then click on the cog drop-down menu, and select Export text for spellcheck.


This will download a text version of your caption set, which you'll be able to spellcheck in a text editor or word processor.


Once you've finished, you have the option to save the file (in its original format), and re-import back into CaptionHub. In which case, select Import text from spellcheck, and CaptionHub will replace all the subtitles in your captionset with the corrected ones.


Warning: Microsoft Word treats text files in a non-standard way, and CaptionHub is likely to fail a spellcheck round trip. Please use an alternative word processor.

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