How does billing work in CaptionHub?

Billing in CaptionHub is defined by output minutes.


How do output minutes work?

Each tier has a monthly output minute allowance. When you download or publish a language version for the first time, we deduct minutes from your allowance. Subsequent exports, even of another type, do not affect your balance of minutes.


Here are a list of events that will trigger the initial deduction of minutes:

  • Timed text download
  • Burnt-in subtitle download
  • CaptionHub Voiceover download
  • Publish operation (e.g. Brightcove, Qumu, JWPlayer, YouTube)
  • API download
  • Spellcheck download
  • Snapshot download

What if I exceed my monthly allowance?

If you exceed your monthly allowance, you have the option to upgrade to the next tier, or you can purchase top-up minutes to allow you to make further downloads.


What are my options?

CaptionHub is available in a Professional plan, which you can customise to add the features you need, and Enterprise. Please see this page for further details.


Can you offer me a discount?

For standard plans, we offer two month’s free usage to those wishing to purchase a year's subscription to CaptionHub, which is payable in advance. Other discounts are available for charities and non-profits; please ask the sales team.


How can I cancel / downgrade my plan?

Plans can be cancelled or downgraded at the end of the billing period, and upgraded at any time. What about Sales Tax? If applicable, UK VAT will be added to the purchase prices.

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