Using CaptionHub

Which browsers work with CaptionHub?

CaptionHub is designed to work with most modern browsers. We recommend using the latest version of either Safari or Chrome.


What do I need to run CaptionHub?

CaptionHub just needs a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). Internet Explorer is not currently supported.


What languages does CaptionHub support?

CaptionHub supports almost all of the world’s languages. As a general rule, if it’s supported by Unicode, then CaptionHub will support it.


What languages can be automatically transcribed?

You can see a full list of languages here.


Do you offer an API?

Yes, we offer this for our Enterprise customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


How do I save my work?

CaptionHub automatically saves your work as you type, there's no need to save.


I've made a mistake – how do I undo it?

CaptionHub has twenty levels of Undo. The button is to the top left of the translation pane, or you can hit Cmd-Z (Mac) or Ctrl-Z (Windows) if you prefer.


I can't see the timeline.

Please ensure that Javascript is enabled in your browser. If it is, then restart your machine. Failing this, empty the browser's cache.


How do I copy Source text to a Target caption?

The Source text is selectable. Click once to highlight the caption, then click again to select. You can now copy and paste the source text into a caption.


Pop-up windows on the screen aren't going away.

Hitting Refresh works 99% of the time to solve minor screen redraw issues. If you're experiencing more persistent problems, then please try emptying your browser's cache. Instructions to do this are here.


What’s the largest file size I can upload?

There’s effectively no limit for CaptionHub – we’ve ingested files over 100GB before. Please, note, though that you should expect slow processing times for huge files – both on ingest, and when creating renders. If speed’s an issue, we’d recommend compressing files first.

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