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  • project is a set of caption sets for a single video. Each project has exactly one video.
  • caption set is a single set of captions (subtitles). One caption set subtitles the whole video. A caption set is in one language.
  • caption is a single subtitle under a video - one, maybe two sentences.
  • language is a language that a caption set can be in - be it an original caption set or a translation.
  • team is a group of users and projects; typically, a single organisation or department. Projects must belong to a single team, and everyone working on them must belong to that team. Projects cannot be seen by users outside a team (other than admins).
  • user is any user of CaptionHub. There are several types of users:
    • Superusers are in charge of a team: they can create users and projects within a team, but cannot see outside their team.
    • Producers are managerial users: they can assign linguists, hand over a project to other linguists, and see all activity on a project. They cannot translate captions.
    • Linguists are translation users. They have proficiency in specific languages. They can only work on caption sets they have permission on. To be assigned to a caption set, a user must be proficient in that caption set's language, and part of that project's team.
  • Timed text is what you have the option to download from CaptionHub as a final deliverable. There are many different flavours of timed text file but, at it's most basic, it's a text file with subtitle content and their timings. Timed text files are separate from video files; to display subtitles, you'll need a player that supports it. Common web formats are SRT or VTT; broadcast formats differ more widely.
  • Burnt-in subtitles are also downloadable from CaptionHub, on most plans. Also known as hardcoded subtitles or open captions, the subtitle text is indelibly 'burnt-in' to the video itself and can't be separated from it.
  • snapshot describes all the changes that a user has made to a caption set until they handed it over.
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