Project page

Manage video captioning, subtitle translations, post-processing and delivery.

The Project page is where Superusers and Producers can interact with all aspects of a particular video's captions: from creation, translation, review and approve, burnt-in subtitle creation, timed text download, or publishing to a third party platform.


On the Project page, you'll see:

  • a still frame from the video
  • a brief overview of some details of the project, including some of the following information:
    • who's producing it
    • when it's due
    • it's duration, framerate and original media size
    • a Notes field (which can include URLs)
Notion image

If you're a linguist, you'll only be able to see language versions you've explicitly been granted permission for. That may be more than one, depending on how many languages you translate inside your team.


As a Producer or Superuser, you'll be able to see all the caption sets on a project, and their status.

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