Adding Producers to a Project

The role of of Producer was designed for project managers responsible for delivering finalised captions or subtitles. Their level of control within CaptionHub reflects that.


When assigned to a project, Producers have full control of that project. They can see (and create) all language versions associated with that project, manage automatic transcription and translation, and they can manage viewing and edit permissions for linguists and validators. They're also able to create other Producers or linguists.


Optionally, Producers can create projects, too. This can be enabled by Superusers in Team Settings.


By default, Producers will receive notifications about projects they're assigned to: important events like language versions being handed over, approved or unapproved. These notifications can be turned off in the Profile page, accessible from the main drop-down at the top right.


To assign producers to a project, choose "Manage producers" from the Project Drop Down Menu on the Project page:


You'll be able to add and remove producers from the project. Producers must be members of the team the project is part of, and they must have the role producer set. You may need to create producer users before you can proceed.

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