Workflows overview

CaptionHub offers a variety of workflows for review and approve, which can fit even the most demanding review processes.


Different workflows can be applied to original captions as well as translations, allowing for great flexibility for your transcription and translation requirements.


Default workflows are specified at a team level, but can be overridden when creating a project, or even when a project is in flight – as long as you haven't created captions or subtitles yet.


The five workflows CaptionHub offers are:

  1. Solo – designed for single users, no review or approve is possible
  1. Direct assignment
  1. Direct assignment, with review
  1. Self serve
  1. Self serve, with review

Workflows need to be specified at the project level. You can set the workflow for a given project when you create it, or you can navigate to Edit Project Info and set the workflow there. Please note that you can’t have any existing language versions if you’re changing workflows.

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