Auto transcribe

Auto transcribe is our most popular option for creating captions. Clicking on it will send an audio file to a speech recognition provider, and they'll return a raw transcript to us. Using CaptionHub's proprietary Natural Captions© technology, we'll then process that transcript into perfectly aligned, human readable captions.


We use two different speech recognition providers: Speechmatics, and Amazon Transcribe. Both have slightly different functionality, which is supported in CaptionHub. To change speech recognition provider, navigate to Team Settings, and change providers from the Transcription sub-menu.


To use Auto transcribe, select it in the "Create captions" dialogue box, or from the "Replace captions" dialogue box. You'll need to choose the language that your video is in.

The Auto transcribe dialogue box
The Auto transcribe dialogue box

Supported languages

You can see which transcription engine supports which languages here.

Custom dictionaries

Depending on your subscription, you may have custom dictionaries enabled. This is a feature that biases the speech recognition towards a pre-defined list of words – like names, places, products and custom terminology. You'll need to pre-define a custom dictionary in Team Settings, and you'll need to choose it here, in order to submit it for transcription.


Immediately after auto-transcription, you’ll see the “Reflow” option in the drop-down menu in the Caption Editor. This allows you to change the caption limits, without initiating a brand new auto-transcription. Once you’ve changed any text on that page, however, then the option will disappear from the menu.

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