Create original captions

Once you've created a project, the first thing you need to do is create captions in the language of the video you've uploaded. You'll only be able to create translated subtitles once you have an original language version.

You'll see a green "Create captions" button in the middle of the page; click on it.

Clicking on that link will allow you to create original captions for the project. You now have a choice as to how you'd like to proceed. You can:

  • use Auto Transcribe to automatically create captions
  • use Import Transcript to import a text file into CaptionHub (with our Professional or Enterprise plans, you can automatically align this transcript using speech recognition)
  • Upload timed text, to use a previously existing timed text file – perhaps as a starting point for translation
  • start from scratch with Blank captions, to manually transcribe and time out your videos

In each case, you'll be asked to specify your caption limits. Unless you have specific requirements, the defaults are fine for most purposes.

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