Importing a transcript

Often, transcripts already exist for video content. To avoid duplicating work, CaptionHub offers several options for importing transcripts into the platform.


First, you need to select the language that your transcript is in. Then, you'll need to click on the "Select file" button to locate the transcript file on your computer.


N.B. This file needs to be in plain text, formatted as UTF-8. (Avoid using MS Word to create this). You'll also need to ensure that you're uploading a verbatim transcript, without any timecode formatting.


You now have several options for how you import your transcript into CaptionHub. You can split your captions:


1. Automatically, using audio [requires Professional or Enterprise plan]

Here, we use a combination of speech recognition and our Natural Captions© technology to create perfectly aligned captions, using the words contained in the transcript. The speech recognition simply has to work out when a word is being spoken, rather than what that word is. This leads to great results, and it can be a real time-saver.


2. On line breaks

Here, we create a new caption after each line break in the transcript file. There's no automatic alignment here: by default, we'll use the minimum caption duration specified in Advanced options. We usually recommend temporarily increasing the minimum duration to suit – you can always edit it later.


3. On sentence breaks

This option is identical to the one above, but here we make a new caption for each sentence. You can now go thorough and use the Split tool where appropriate. Again, we'd recommend temporarily increasing the minimum caption duration.

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