Interface overview

The interface for CaptionHub is divided into four main areas:

  1. Video pane
  1. Project pane
  1. Timeline
  1. Translation pane
Notion image

1. Video pane

This is where you'll see the video that's being subtitled. Any changes you make to the captions will appear here immediately.

You'll notice that your email address is watermarked into the top right hand corner of the video.


2. Project pane

This displays useful information associated with the project. It shows who's producing the project, and it what the limits for the caption set are: what the minimum caption duration is, what the character limit is etc. The drop down menu provides access to further functionality.


3. Timeline

This is where you can navigate through the video, and make adjustments to a caption's timings. See Adjusting captions.


4. Translation pane

Use the translation pane to enter translations, check timing and word count information, delete, split and merge subtitles, change the position and add comments for fellow translators.

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