Accessing browser data

CaptionHub is a complicated application, relying on multiple browser technologies in order for it to work correctly. Occasionally that technology doesn't behave as it should.


In order to help us diagnose potential issues with your web browser, we occasionally ask our users to provide us with data from the Console. This process varies from browser to browser, and operating system to operating system. This guide aims to talk you through that process.


Firefox (Windows)

  • Reload the page
  • When the page has finished loading, please click on the top right Menu, and open the Developer Menu
  • Choose Web Console (or press Ctrl+Shift+K)
  • The Console will appear at the bottom of the browser window
  • Please copy or (ideally) screengrab the information in the Console and return to us

Chrome (Mac)

  • Reload the page
  • Choose View > Developer > JavaScript Console (or press Option+Command+J)

Safari (Mac)

  • Enable the Develop menu in Preferences > Advanced
  • Choose Develop > Show Web Inspector (or press Option+Command+I)
  • There are full instructions here
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