Phrase connector

Requirements: Enterprise subscription, Phrase integration

Phrase is a powerful TMS, and allows CaptionHub's users to take advantage of their advanced translation tools, whilst still benefiting from frame accurate video preview, realtime QA, caption formatting – and all of CaptionHub's other features.


You'll need to set the integration up first. To use it:

  1. Navigate to Team Settings / Translation, and ensure that the Translation provider is set to Phrase
  1. Transcribe and approve original captions
  1. In the Translations tab, click 'Add Translation'
  1. Log into Phrase if necessary, using your usual Phrase login details
  1. Choose if you’d like to create a new Phrase project, or if you’d like to add these captions to an existing one
  1. Choose a template, if required, along with the languages you need
  1. CaptionHub will automatically create a new project in Phrase; you can quickly view it by clicking on the 'Open in Phrase' button
  1. Complete the translation in Phrase
  1. When finished, mark the translation in Phrase as 'Completed by provider' or 'Approved'
  1. In CaptionHub, an 'Import' button will appear; click on it to import the translated captions
Tip: try clicking on the context notes in the Phrase editor. That’ll take you directly to the corresponding caption in CaptionHub.

De-fragment source text option

On the Integrations page, you’ll see an option to “Defragment source text”. When this is enabled, the connector will send full sentences to Phrase, including an extra tag for caption breaks. The advantage here is that you’ll be able to translate at a true sentence level inside of Phrase, and it also makes it easier to update and leverage Phrase’s translation memories.

When using the de-fragment source text option, you MUST ensure that the tags are preserved between source and target. If they’re not, then you’ll completely lose sync in CaptionHub when you try to re-import your translations. Phrase offers an option to make sure that tags are preserved; we highly recommend that this is enabled.
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