Setting up SSO

Note: Single Sign-On (SSO) is only available as an add-on for the Enterprise plan. To enable it, please speak to your account manager.

CaptionHub supports most major identity providers including AzureAD, Okta, ADFS and several others. We can support connections using either SAML or OpenID Connect.

CaptionHub subdomain

When we set up SSO, your users will no longer access CaptionHub via, but will use a subdomain, https://<yourcompany>


Please email and ask for SSO to be set up, indicating your preferred subdomain, e.g. We will email you a link for the setup, which contains instructions for configuring your identity provider. After you have completed this setup, please notify us by replying to the helpdesk ticket where we provided you with the link.

User access and provisioning

When a new user from your identify provider accesses CaptionHub for the first time via SSO, we will create a user account for them. If you don’t want all of your users to be able to create an account on CaptionHub, we recommend creating a group within your identity provider and giving access to CaptionHub only to that group. New users will automatically be provisioned as linguists. If they need a higher privilege account, this can be granted by a superuser on the CaptionHub app after the account has been provisioned.

Migration of existing users

For security reasons, we don’t let SSO users log in with normal CaptionHub accounts. If you want existing users of CaptionHub to be migrated to SSO, please send a .csv file of users to If the users have different email addresses with your identity provider than their existing CaptionHub account, please include a second column in the CSV file for their new email address.

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